cylinder jars

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  • Cylinder Glass Jars With Cork Lids

    Use these narrow, cylinder shaped glass jars and cork lids to package your items safely. Made of thick glass, these jars are sturdy and durable. Cylinder glass jar body is tall and narrow with horizontal shoulders that transition into tall and straight sides.

    Each jar comes with an easy to use, oak bark cork lid. Cork lid fits snugly onto the glass jar top to help protect your items from environmental damage. Use these decorative jars to store dry items, concentrates, or powders.

    To create a tamper-evident seal, use with perforated or flat shrink bands (sold separately).

    Narrow Cylinder Glass Jars With Cork Lids are food safe and made with 2-3 mm thick glass.

  • PET Plastic Cylinder Screw Top Jars (Lids & Cushion Pads Sold Separately)

    Use these rigid PET plastic jars to safely store your cosmetics and creams. They feature a round base, thick, straight sides with no visible side seams, and a threaded screw top neck. White surfaces offer UV protection for light-sensitive substances.

    Made of USDA food approved PET plastic. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic. It provides a strong barrier against water vapor, oils, alcohols, and UV rays.

    PET Plastic Cylinder Screw Top Jars are offered in a variety of sizes. PET plastic screw top lids and cushion pads are sold separately.

    Seal your product with Shrink Bands available in Perforated or Regular.