food container lids

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  • Clear PET Octagonal Snap In Lids


    Use these plastic, octagon-shaped food-grade lids to secure your foods. Made of premium PET plastic, these lids offer a wide, flat surface for stacking, food message, or instructions. They also feature a snap lid design which makes an audible snap, ensuring closure. These lids are available in two styles, flat and jeweled.

    The flat style has a fully recessed surface with a flat edge which lies flush with the container. The jeweled style has a raised, textured edge which overlaps the container edge.

    Made of USDA food approved PET plastic. PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) is a strong, lightweight, shatter-resistant plastic. It provides a strong barrier against water vapor, oils, alcohols, and UV rays.

    Clear PET Octagonal Snap In Lids coordinate with Clear PET Octagonal Plastic Food Containers (No Lid), sold separately.

  • Clear Round Polypropylene Food Lids


    Keep your items secure and fresh with clear, round polypropylene food lids. These lids offer a wide, flat surface for storage, food message, or instructions. Their jeweled style has a raised, textured edge with overlaps the container edge and audibly snaps in to ensure closure. They are able to withstand the extreme temperatures of the refrigerator and microwave. Great for deli items and wet foods.

    Clear Round Polypropylene Food Lids coordinate with Clear Round Polypropylene Food Containers, sold separately.

  • Clear Top V3 Reusable Lids with Replaceable Inserts

    Our reusable lids are available as a stock lid or custom printed to complement any drink cup, serving container, or retail packaging. These are a perfect solution for small businesses with a variety of flavors, but want to have professional branding.

    Stock V3 lids are available with either a white or black rim. The center area is clear plastic. Standard lead times apply.

    2,500 piece minimum. The inserts are shipped separately from the V3® lids, so you can snap them into the stock V3® lids right when you need them.

    Custom rim colors available: 25,000 piece minimum and 6 week lead time.

  • Reusable Basic Lid

    Make your order a complete package with non-imprinted, injection molded lids. They’re reusable, just like the cups! And they come with or without a straw slot. Available in either white, black, or red. Custom colors available with a minimum order of 200,000 and a 6 week lead time. Sold in full cases of 1,000.

  • Reusable Deli / Soup Container Lid

    These vented lids are designed for hot and microwavable containers. Available in Black and White so they don’t clash with the print. Sold in full cases of 1,000.