glass dropper bottle caps

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  • Child-Resistant Glass Dropper Caps


    Safely seal and dispense your liquids with high-quality, child-resistant glass dropper caps. These caps feature a rubber squeeze bulb, attached glass dropper pipette, and unique interior threading for extra security. Use to store and dispense gels, oils, or medicinal products.

    To use, fill coordinating glass bottle with desired contents and cover with dropper cap. To open, apply a slight pressure to the dropper cap and twist counter clockwise. Coordinating bottles are sold separately.

    Child-Resistant Glass Dropper Caps coordinate with glass bottles with a cap diameter of 13/16″ (Matte Black, Glass Dropper Bottles, Boston Round Glass Bottles).

    Child-Resistant Glass Dropper Caps have a 20mm finish with a 2-3/8″ pipette.

  • Glass Dropper Caps

    Carefully seal and dispense your liquids or oils with high-quality dropper caps. These caps feature a rubber squeeze bulb and attached glass pipe. Use to help store cosmetics and medicinal products. Glass Dropper Caps coordinate with Glass Dropper Bottles.

    Available in 5-100ml

    Glass Dropper Bottles are sold separately from Cap Dropper.