sand bags

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  • 15 x 26″ White 0.5 Cu. Ft. Heavy Duty Plastic Industrial Bags with 6 Month UVI



    • 15 x 26 inch
    • Made of Super Strong film
    • Available in both white and clear film.
    • Standard White opaque film color
    • 4 mil and 6 mil thickness available
    • Pin vent holes
    • 6 months of UVI protection
    • Custom sizes available up to 8-10 color fine printing
    • Made in USA

    0.5 Cubic Ft. Bag FEATURES

    • Tear and Puncture resistant
    • Co-Extruded Multilayered Polymer
    • Non-skid outside surface
    • High slip Inside sealing surface
    • Pin hole vents
    • Custom size and colors available


    • Contents arrive safe and protected
    • High Strength, great sealability and chemical resistance
    • Advantageous in stacking, palletizing, and shipping
    • Provides easy opening and Secure seal under dirty, dusty or Wet conditions and wide temperature ranges
    • Evac air and prevents leaks
    • Elevate your brand

    Market Segments: Rock bag, sand bag, Soil bag, decorative rocks, chemical minerals, pea gravel